Facebook Tag: How To Stop Anyone From Tagging You

Facebook has become one of the largest social networks with millions of users. There are many reasons why people make use of Facebook daily, one of the good thing is that each user has its profile timeline. When you make a post or upload pictures, it will appear on your newsfeed so that your friends or anyone would see it.

Facebook tag was introduced to enable its users to tag their friends on their posts or any picture that they upload. If someone tagged you to any post or picture, you would receive a notification that you someone tagged you to his/her post or image. It helps a lot to get someone attention to a particular post.

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Many people are misusing the Facebook tag feature, and this is very annoying at times. Imagine when someone tagged in some senseless and useless post, pictures or photos that you do not like to associate yourself. The worst part of this is that when these useless pictures appear on your timeline, your friends will see it and think that you are the one that uploaded them.

Facebook Tag: How To Prevent People From Tagging You

I want to share with you some ways you can use to control Facebook tags so that you will approve them before it appears on your timeline for your friends to see. It’s not possible to stop your friends from tagging you.

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1== > Login to your Facebook account with your details.

facebook tag, tagging

2== > Click on the gear icon and select settings.

facebook tags 2

3== > Click on the Timeline and Tagging on the left.

facebook tag (2)

4== > On review post friends tag you before they appear on your timeline, click edit beside it.

facebook tag, facebook tagging

5== > Then, click on the drop-down menu and select enabled.

You can also control tags people add to your posts. To do that follow the procedure below.

6== > Now, go to how can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions.

facebook tag, tagging

7== > Edit review tags people add to your posts before it will appear on Facebook and select enabled.

facebook tag

8== > Enable review tags people add you on Facebook.

Now, whenever anyone tag you on posts, photos and pictures, you will receive a notification to review it before it appears on your timeline.

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  1. Hi! Its a very useful and nice piece of information. It actually gets really annoying when someone unnecessarily tags you for no good reason. The problem is some people don’t have sense about the technology for they have been given in their hands. It is a kind of moral hazard where some people enjoy in doing such things. Thanks a lot. At least this info can save me from getting tagged, any further, for no reason.

  2. Hi admin
    i visit daily your site and get information here your this post is really awesome

  3. This is completely useless. We all know how to keep tags off of our own timelines, what we need to know is how to stop people from tagging us because our info, images and profiles are distributed to all of *their* friends. Does blocking that person make their tags go away?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Unfortunately for now, there is no way you can block anyone from tagging you on Facebook. We hope that Facebook will include that feature in future. The benefit of this post is that you will control the image or post from going viral on Facebook and from showing on your timeline.

  4. Hi Admin,

    This is one of the best articles I have ever read. Till now I didn’t read articles on this topic. Nice suggestion.

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