How to Borrow Airtime from Airtel

Borrow airtime from Airtel is one of the programs introduced by Airtel Nigeria so that its subscribers can borrow credit airtime and pay later. Airtel is one of the leading telecommunication networks in Nigeria, with the introduction of this program, Airtel subscribers can now borrow airtime from Airtel network to make calls to any network and payback later whenever they are in a good position to do so.

Borrow Airtel Benefits

This is a welcome development from Airtel Nigeria, it is a good idea to give Airtel customers the chance to borrow airtime from Airtel Nigeria network. This can be called a welcome development because sometimes someone may not be in a position or have enough cash to purchase enough airtime to make an urgent call, in this circumstance the customers will just have to borrow credit from Airtel.

Secondly, some people are living in a location where it is difficult to see anyone selling Airtel recharge card voucher. Have you ever visited a place for the first time and decided to buy a recharge card but unable to buy just because no one is selling the card voucher for the network you need? Don’t you see if this ever happened to you, you will be very disappointed, but this program all you need to do is to request to borrow airtime from Airtel and Airtel Nigeria will credit your credit balance immediately?

How to Borrow Airtime from Airtel

How Does Airtel Borrow Airtime Work?

Airtel Nigeria allows you to borrow airtime of any amount between a minimum of twenty-five naira (N25) to a maximum of two thousand naira (N2000). You will pay interest based on the amount of airtime you borrowed, the interest varies depending on the amount you borrow. If you borrow twenty-five naira (N25), you will pay 20% interest, but if you borrow from fifty naira (50) and above, you will pay 15% interest.

For example:
If you request to borrow N25, you will receive N20 because Airtel will automatically deduct N5 which is 20% interest.
If you request to borrow N50, you will receive N42.5 because Airtel will deduct N7.5 which is the 15% interest.
If you request to borrow N100, you will receive N85 because Airtel will deduct N15 which is the 15% interest.

How Much Can I Borrow?

The amount airtime credit you can borrow depends on your eligibility, if you are a new Airtel subscriber you must use your line for a minimum of two months and recharge at least N100 in each of the months.

How Do I Request To Borrow Airtime from Airtel

To borrow airtime from Airtel, simply dial *500# and follow the instructions displayed on your phone screen.

NOTE: If you borrow airtime from Airtel and fail to use it after 72 hours which is 3 days, Airtel Nigeria will collect back the airtime.

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