How To Link BVN To First Bank Account

It is now easier to link BVN to First Bank account by simply dialing a code on your mobile phone.

Is your bank account temporarily blocked because you haven’t linked your BVN to it? If you have registered for BVN and received your Bank verification number, you can easily link it to your account using your phone. You can go to First Bank to do it but if you don’t have a chance visiting the bank for this issue, you should not worry again because I will share with you how to do it yourself. If you are using GTBank, you can read our post on how to link BVN to GTBank.

How To Link BVN To First Bank Account

How To Link BVN To First Bank Account

If you haven’t linked your BVN after 31st October 2015, you will no longer be able to receive or withdraw money from your bank account. It is because your account will be temporarily blocked automatically. To link BVN to the First bank account by yourself, use the phone number you usually use to receive an alert.

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== > To simply link BVN to First Bank account, open your phone menu.

== > Simply dial *894*BVN# for BVN linkage.
For example, if your BVN number is 22000000002, then all you need to do is just dial *894*22000000002# using the phone number linked to your bank account.

== > Confirmation: After sending the details as stated above, you will get a text message within 24 hours from First Bank informing you that your BVN has been successfully submitted for processing.

Then First Bank will reactivate your account once you submit the BVN details. After the reactivation, you will be able to receive and withdraw money from your account.

I hope this post helps you on how to link BVN to First Bank account without going to the back and be in the queue.

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