Saturday, February 16, 2019
How To Link Twitter Account To Facebook

How To Link Twitter Account To Facebook Profile

Linking your Twitter account to Facebook profile will help you to communicate on both social networks at the same time. It will also help you to reduce the amount of time...
How To Upload/ Add Twitter Profile Picture

How To Upload/ Add Twitter Profile Picture

Twitter is a social media networking tool with millions of users’ every day. It enables its users to know things that are trending in their area and across the world. New...
Reset Change Google Password

How To Change Gmail Password

I want to teach you how to reset or change Gmail password. Sometimes for reasons best known to you may wish to reset your Gmail account password. Always remember that you...
How To Link Facebook To Twitter Account

How To Link Facebook To Twitter Account

When you link Facebook to twitter, it makes it easier for you to post on both at the same time without wasting your time. Posting on Facebook and Twitter all the...
How To Secure Facebook Account

How To Keep Facebook Account Safe From Hackers

Facebook has become the largest social network media, where you can connect with different people across the world. You can now call it a marketplace, where you can promote, share and...
How To Change Twitter Username

How To Change Twitter Username

This post will teach you how to change Twitter username. It is not the same as your twitter name, so this article is completely different from changing twitter name. Twitter username...
Change Facebook Language Settings

Steps To Change Facebook Language Settings

Facebook language can be changed from the language settings from your computer or mobile device. If the default FB language is not your preferred language, you can quickly change Facebook language...
How To Change Primary Email on Facebook

How To Change Your Primary Email Address On Facebook

A friend of mine asked me how he can change his email address on Facebook, this is the email which he used when he created his Facebook account. I also discover...
facebook groups auto poster

Auto Poster Allows You To Schedule And Post To Unlimited Facebook Groups

Auto poster application has been very helpful to many people such as internet marketers and bloggers; it helps to schedule and post messages to different groups at once. It is time-consuming...

Steps To Find Facebook Profile And Page ID

At times we are required to find Facebook profile ID or page ID when filling certain forms on the internet. I want to share with you step by step instructions on...


Buy Samsung Smartphones On Discount Prices

Samsung smartphones are among the leading mobile phones in the market today. Since there is an increase in demand for better phones, Samsung has...