Facebook Timeline default settings allow your friends, friend friends and everyone to post on anyone’s timeline. But you can reset the settings if you don’t want certain people to post on your timeline.

Facebook is one of the largest social networks with millions of users. It’s also a marketplace where you can promote your goods and services. If you are one of those that hates seeing useless updates on their wall and you want to get rid of them. You don’t need to worry again about it because I want to share with you how to prevent people from posting on your wall.

It’s annoying a times to see useless posts on Facebook which are against its rules and regulation. Some people prefer sharing useless posts, photos such as pornographic to another person newsfeed. It is morose to see your friends or anyone posting these type of things on your wall.

Do you want to prevent some people from posting on your wall? There are many reasons that can make you decide to avoid certain people from posting on your wall. But if you have decided to stop someone from posting on your wall due to reasons best known to you, just follow the below steps carefully.

How To Stop Someone From Posting On Your Facebook Timeline

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If you want to block someone from posting on your wall, just follow the procedure below.

How To Stop People From Posting On your Facebook Wall

== > Login to your account with your login details.

== > Click on the gear icon on the right side.

== > Scroll down and click on settings.

How To Stop Anyone From Posting On Your Facebook Timeline

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== > Look on the left side and click on “Timeline and Tagging.

== > You will see the Timeline settings on the right side.

== > Now, under “who can add things to my timeline”, edit who can post on your time and select ONLY

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