Are you wasting your time to invite friends to like a page? Today, I will explain to you the easiest technique you will use to invite friends to like a Facebook page at once; this method will not consume your time at all. If you don’t know how to change your name on Facebook, read our post that will guide you on how to change Facebook name.

Facebook is one the leading social media network in the world today; it is also a place where individuals, companies showcase their business. It is one of the reasons that lead to the creation of Facebook pages to enable business marketers always to be in touch with their customers.

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It is frustrating to invite friends one by one to like your Facebook page, imagine if you have up to three thousand Facebook friends. You will realize that this is a waste of time and energy. Today, am going to explain to you the easiest method you will use to invite all friends to like a Facebook page at once. It will help you greatly to increase Facebook page likes within a short period with ease.

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All you have to do is to install an extension on Chrome browser or also by running a JavaScript to invite friends to like a page. This method is a confirmed, working and easy way of inviting all Facebook friends to like a page. So what you should do now is to follow these procedures below to learn how to invite all Facebook friends to like a page at once.

Steps On How To Invite Friends To Like A Page At Once

I assume that you already have a Facebook page, so log in to your Facebook account.

Locate and open the Facebook page you want to invite your Facebook friends. You can find the page by typing the Facebook page name in the search bar.

I will explain to you the two easy methods to invite friends to a page at once using Google Chrome browser. So before I continue, you have to install these two extensions on your Chrome browser, the two extensions are Invite All For Facebook and Invite All Friends on Facebook.

Now open the page you want to invite friends to like, click on invite friends.

In the page timeline, you will see “invite friends to like this page” located on the left side. Click on it.

Then, click on the invite all friends chrome extension you installed earlier which is located on top right side.

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