How To Change Birthday Information On Facebook

If you need to change birthday information on Facebook, read this post carefully to understand how you can easily change your Facebook birthday details. When creating a Facebook account, we do make some certain mistake which we may need to change in future. Some of us opened a Facebook account as a newbie thereby not knowing everything about Facebook; sometimes we don’t take the month of birth, date of birth and year of birth details serious thereby making a mistake by not filling the correct year, month and date of birth.

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If you want to change your birthday on Facebook, log in to your Facebook account with the correct login details. Click on your Profile page, then click on update info, click on contact and basic info, now scroll down and edit birthday information, then save changes. Meanwhile, you can follow step by step instruction below to understand it better.

How To Change Your Birthday On Facebook

== > If you want to change Facebook birthday information, log in to your account with the correct login details.

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== > Go to your profile page.

How To Change Birthday On Facebook

== > Click “Update Info” button at the bottom of the cover photo.

== > Click on the “Contact and Basic Info” on the left sidebar.

== > Scroll down to “Basic Information,” now you can edit your “Birth Date” or “Birth Year.”

== > Click save changes.

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