USSD Code To Link BVN To UBA (United Bank of Africa)


BVN (Bank Verification Number) was introduced to Nigeria’s banking system to help to reduce/cope fraud in the banking system. It is mandatory that every bank account must be linked to a BVN before a withdrawal can be made from the account. In this post, you will learn how to link BVN to UBA by yourself from the comfort of your home, office or workplace within a few seconds/minutes without visiting any UBA branch.

Bank Verification Number is really a good innovation in the Nigeria banking system. Some time ago I posted how to link BVN to First Bank account by dialing a code on your phone, but today I want to share with you how to link BVN to United Bank of Africa (UBA).

UBA introduced USSD code to enable its customers to easily link their BVN by themselves without visiting any of the UBA branches. UBA customers can now link BVN to UBA account by dialing code with the phone number linked to their UBA account. The phone number linked to your UBA is the phone number you always receive an alert.

Read the below information to understand how you can easily link BVN to UBA by yourself through phone without visiting any UBA branch.

How To Use Phone To Link BVN To UBA Account Number

== > To link BVN to UBA, you can link your BVN to UBA by dialing *919*60*BVN# with the phone number linked to your bank account. For instance, if your BVN number is 22000000001, then you will dial *919*60*22000000001#

After submitting your BVN to UBA, you will receive a text message from United Bank of Africa (UBA) within 24 hours notifying you that your BVN has been submitted successfully for processing.

If the BVN you submitted corresponds with your bank account information, UBA will reactivate your account and you will be able to withdraw again from your account.

I hope this information helps you to link BVN to UBA easily by yourself instead of queuing in the bank for BVN issue.

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