How To Download And Install Pokémon Go On iPhone

In my recent post, I shared how to download Pokémon Go on Android device, but today I want to explain to you how to install Pokémon Go on iPhone or any other iOS device. Installing Poké Go on Android and iPhone is a different procedure.

You can download it from App store, but if it is not yet available in your country, follow the procedure am about to share with you to download and install it on your iOS or iPhone.

Go to your iPhone settings, tap on ‘Apple ID’ and sign out. You should configure your iPhone in such a way that it will look as if you area in the country that can download Pokémon Go.

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== > From the settings, select General, then choose Language and Region.

== > choose USA, Australia or New Zealand as your country. You can choose any other country that can download Pokémon Go.

How to download Pokémon Go for Android

How To Play Pokémon Go On iPhone

Now, search for Pokémon Go on the App Store, it supposed to show there but if unfortunately, it doesn’t appear, download a free app and select Create New Apple ID. That is, follow the process you use to create an Apple ID but on the billing menu, choose ‘None’ and add USA, Australia or New Zealand as your country.

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That’s all; you can now play Pokémon Go on your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device. If you have Android device and unable to play it, you can read our post on how to download Pokémo Go on any Android device.

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