How to disable Avira anti-virus automatic update

Avira is one of the best free antiviruses I have used so far. It is my choice to continue using it on my device for many reasons, and I recommend it for anyone to give it a try.

Recently, one of our readers contacted us concerning how to stop constant auto updates and the following dialog box usually show up on his computer after a successful update has been downloaded.

As for me, it is annoying. I found it distractive and disturbance, so I had to find a way to deactivate the Avira automatic update.

Today, I want to share with you how to disable automatic update on Avira antivirus. Bear in mind that there is no option to disable auto update, but follow the step by step instruction below and see how I was able to stop the auto update.

Steps to Stop Avira Antivirus Auto Update

1 == > Open Avira anti-virus configuration dashboard.
How to disable Avira anti-virus automatic update 1

2 == > on the left sidebar, under PC Production, click settings icon.
= > Web server
= > Then choose Proxy Settings.
How to disable Avira anti-virus automatic update 2
3 == > Tick the box for “use this proxy server” and enter any false data into the box.

4 == > Click the “apply” button.

5 == > Then click in the OK button.

Now that you have successfully stopped Avira anti-virus auto update, any time you want to download an update, just follow the steps below.

1 == > Go to the Proxy settings.

2 == > Tick the box for “Do not use a proxy server”.

3 == > Click on the “Apply” button.

4 == > Then click the OK button.

That’s all.

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