Fidelity Instant Airtime Recharge: Easiest Way To Top Up Your Phone

Fidelity bank PLC is one of the top banks in Nigeria, having numerous branches across the country. Fidelity bank Plc introduced instant airtime recharge to enable its customers to top up their phone with up to N5,000 airtime without buying recharge card from the card sellers. You can do this comfortably from your home, office or workshop, even when you are walking on the road.

Fidelity Instant Airtime Recharge: Fastest and Convenient Way to Top up Your Mobile

Fidelity instant airtime recharge is not exactly the same as VTU services some telecommunication networks introduced, because I know that many of us have already heard about VTU service but this is different from it. With the introduction of Fidelity instant airtime recharge by Fidelity bank Plc., it means that their customers should say goodbye to scratch and hustle because they can do instant airtime recharge up to N5,000 per day by dialling *770*Amount# . This is valid for the phone number linked to your Fidelity bank account.

Fidelity Bank Instant Airtime Recharge

Fidelity Instant Airtime Recharge: How Do I Get Started

I == > Go to any Fidelity bank PLC branch and open account with them.

2 == > Link your phone number to the account. This is the phone number Fidelity will use to send alerts or any important information concerning your bank account to you.

3 == > You will receive your bank account number.

4 == > To keep your bank account active, deposit some money to the account.

Once you have deposited certain amount of money in your Fidelity bank account, you can credit your phone number using Fidelity instant airtime recharge at any given time by dialling *770*Amount#.

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Fidelity Instant Airtime Recharge: Top Up Your Phone Convenient

I hope you have followed the instructions given above, now follow these steps to have better understanding on how it works.

== > Phone number: This is the phone number linked to your Fidelity bank account. You cannot top up using numbers which doesn’t link to Fidelity bank.

== > Amount: This is the amount of airtime you want to credit to your phone number.

NOTE: if you link a number which is not yours to your account, you better change it before the owner of the line start withdrawing your money through Fidelity instant airtime recharge.

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== >To do Fidelity Instant Airtime Recharge, dial *770*amount#.
The amount of airtime you purchase using Fidelity instant airtime recharge will be debited directly from your bank account. This is available to all telecommunication network.

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