Steps To Find Facebook Profile And Page ID


At times we are required to find Facebook profile ID or page ID when filling certain forms on the internet. I want to share with you step by step instructions on how to find any Facebook ID, both profile or page. If you create a new Facebook account or page, your unique profile ID or page ID will be in the URL, but if you later create a custom username, it will now replace the unique page or profile ID. If you are currently using a custom username, your unique ID will no longer appear in the URL that is one of the reason am writing this article so that you can learn the easy method to find your Facebook profile ID and page ID.

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Now, follow the step by step instructions below to find your Facebook profile ID and page ID. Every Facebook user has a unique ID.

How To Find Facebook Page ID

== > Login to Facebook

== > Go to the Facebook page you want to find the ID.

== > Click on the about located on the left sidebar, wait for the new page to load

== > Now scroll down, you will see the Facebook Page ID on the bottom of the page.

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You can follow this second method below:

How To Find Facebook Profile ID And Page Numeric ID

== > Go to the Facebook profile or Facebook page that you want to find the ID.

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== > Copy the link of the profile or page.

== > Now go to or

== > Paste the link to the Facebook profile or page in the box.

== > Then, click on Find Numeric ID

== > After the page load, your ID number will display.

== > Now copy your unique ID .

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