How to Add New Email to Your AdSense Account

Some bloggers blog as a team in this case they use one AdSense account. Do you have approved AdSense and wants to add users to the account? Are you a blogger and you want to change the primary email of your AdSense account to prevent it from being hacked or for any other reason known to you?

You can only add users as admin and standard users. A standard user can not remove anyone, but an admin can remove any user from the AdSense dashboard. If you want to add new emails to your AdSense, follow the below step by step instruction.

How To Add Users To Adsense Account

== > Login to AdSense account, link on “account settings” on the top left sidebar.

adsense account, add new email, add user

== > Go to access and authorization.

adsense account, add email, new email

== > Enter your new email and click “invite”.

adsense account, adsense login

== > Login to the new Email to accept the invitation.

If you make the new user you just added an admin; the new user can now remove anyone.

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