Hostgator Coupon: Save Up To 65% OFF

Hostgator founded in 2002, since then it maintained their pinnacle position in the webhosting industry. They are unrivaled in the field of web hosting, and they proudly chant it with their slogan that proudly says, “We eat up the competition.” And yes they do. These brilliant features are peculiar to them; none in the same field of web hosting shares these same characteristics. Their ace feature is the all encompassing server that supports over 1,500,000 websites at present and provides for nothing less than 20,000 reseller accounts.

Since the time HostGator established, they have grown in functions that serve as immense benefits for their innumerable customers. And of recent their position as the number one of the web hosting industry was confirmed, for they were named top in Texas for the Inc 5000 Awards.

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Among all the packages that they offer, Hostgator Baby plan is the most subscribed. And why won’t it be? Can you imagine yourself saying no to unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth? I don’t think so. Apart from these two irresistible qualities that are inclusive, the Hostgator Baby plan also avails you the opportunity of unlimited add-on domains, unlimited MySQL Databases, unlimited POP3 accounts, Frontpage Extension, FTP access and lots more.

The darling of them all is the 99.9% Uptime feature. It is particularly guaranteed; a guarantee for which they promised a complete refund if they fail beyond the 0.1% minute chance that is tolerated. And it is good to know that none of the millions of customers have ever requested for a refund. It is truly a guarantee that they uphold. The secret of this still boils down to their ever efficient servers, which they have claimed they have gone “green” with since they continuously cool it with wind power. This is a factor that proves that their technology is environment-friendly.

The hosting supports CGI, PHP5, SSH, Pearl, Python, SSI, streaming audio/video and much more. All in all, they provide a standard that serves as a template that their competitors will strive to achieve. No matter how heavy your web programs seems to be, with Hostgator they will be as light as a feather and will run smooth and fast like an F1 race car.

Hostgator offers all these and much more. Their customer support has particularly endeared customers to them. Most companies do not value or appreciate the function of customer support because they see it as a redundant and unnecessary expense. But to Hostgator, this is the reversal. Their customer support is available to lend their necessary assistance to all their customers. And regardless of the population of their clients, they could be reached instantly via phone or the live chat present on their website.

HostGator Coupon: Save Up To 65% OFF

I will advise you to be prudent and upgrade your web hosting to that of Hostgator Baby plan. With the sum of $3.48/month, you will have the opportunity to secure the operations of your site for 36 months, at $3.83/month, you will run your trade smoothly without any hitch for 24 months, and at $4.18/month you will build trust with your customers while your earnings continue to pile continuously for 12 months.

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Hostgator has proved to be more than impressive; they have pioneered a new web hosting style that is quite hard to copy but has served best for the advanced internet users.

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