MTN Trutalk now has family and friends feature which allows you to call 11 registered numbers at discounted tariff rate of 11k/sec which you add in your First 11 list. The 11 numbers can be MTN numbers or other network numbers.

How To Register Family and Friends (First 11) Numbers

== > To add or register any number as your family and friends (first 11) numbers, simply dial *560*1*Number#. You will receive a message that the phone number has been successfully added, but if you didn’t receive any message keep on trying because sometimes there may be network problems. .

The first eleven numbers you register will be free of charge, but if you want to change any of them, you will be charged N50. Calls to the added or registered numbers will be charged at 11k/sec while calls to numbers you do not register will be at 20k/sec for MTN numbers and 26k/sec to other network numbers.

== > To view your registered numbers on your First 11 list, simply dial *560#.

How To Migrate To MTN TruTalk And Make Calls At 11k/sec

How To Delete A Number From Family and Friends (First 11) List

You can delete any of registered number and replace it with another number if you wish, but you will be charged N50.

== > To delete any registered number, simply dial *560*2*Number#

Migration Code For MTN TruTalk

Before you can add numbers to First 11 list, you have to migrate to MTN TruTalk tariff plan, simply dial *400# or send 400 to 131.

Benefits of MTN TruTalk Plan

== > Calls to specific 11 numbers at the rate of 11k/sec.
== > Calls to MTN numbers at the rate of 20k/sec and 26k/sec to other network numbers which are not registered on your First 11 list (family & friends)
== > Free 10MB on recharge of N100 or above every week.
== > Happy Hour: You will enjoy free mid-night calls from 12:30am to 4:30am if you have a minimum of N100 airtime balance.
== > You will always receive end of call notification.

Summary Of First 11 Numbers (Family and Friends)

== > To migrate to MTN TruTalk, dial *400# or send 400 to 131.
== > To register a number, simply dial *560*1*Number#
== > To delete or remove a number, simply dial *560*2*Number#
== > To view numbers in First 11 or Family and Friends, dial *560#

You can also read more about First 11 numbers on “How To Migrate To MTN TruTalk And Make Calls At 11k/sec.

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