How To Block Unsolicited SMS From MTN

It is too much annoying when MTN will be releasing their useless messages to your phone, especially when you are expecting to receive a good message from someone. These spam messages, unsolicited SMS or promotional messages many MTN users are no longer happy with the way MTN usually send them every day.

Block Unsolicited SMS

This promotional text messages MTN regularly send has become a problem in the society today, imagine receiving over 20 useless messages every day which you didn’t even subscribe for, the worst part of it is that mistakenly they may even auto-subscribe your number and start charging you for receiving unsolicited SMS/ spam messages. If you are among those that are no longer comfortable with this spam messages, I want to share the code you can now use to remove your phone number from MTN promotional text messages. Once your number is opted out, you will no longer receive any promotional messages from MTN.

How to Block Unsolicited SMS from MTN

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== > To stop MTN from sending unsolicited SMS to your number, dial *123*5*4# and send.

== > “Opt out mobile Ad” will appear on your phone screen, click on answer and type ‘1 ‘, then send.

== > “You currently receive advertising. Reply with yes to opt of advertising” will appear on your screen. Then type ‘yes ‘and send.

You have successfully opted out of Mobile Advertising.

That’s all, you will no longer receive unsolicited messages from MTN.

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  1. mtn almost killed me with their annoying messages but am now a free man courtesy of you. thanks for the tips.

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