MTN Beta Talk Plan Sucks, You Shouldn’t Try It

Beta Talk Plan tariff is a prepaid plan on MTN that gives you 200% bonus airtime on every recharge from N100 and above. That means you will get three times the value of your recharge.

According to MTN, Beta Talk plan comes with a flat rate of 40k/sec (N24 per minute) to all national calls. MTN stated that all local calls, SMS, data will be charged from customer’s main account as soon as bonus airtime exhausted or expires. That is where MTN lied to Nigerians and using it to deceive Nigerians to migrate to this Beta Talk plan.

beta talk plan

When MTN introduced Beta Talk plan; I enjoyed using it because it was good then, everything works as stated but later I can’t explain what happened to MTN that they decided to change everything, and the Beta Talk became opposite of what it used to be.

Nigerians using this plan is due to the bonus airtime because the tariff charges are very high compared to other tariff plans (MTN Zone).

MTN Beta Talk Plan Sucks

Nowadays, MTN doesn’t charge from the bonus again; they only deduct from the main airtime account.

For example, if you recharge like N400 airtime and get N800 as bonus airtime on the recharge. The bonus airtime is useless because MTN doesn’t deduct from the bonus again, from my view it is not beneficial to their customers since they can’t use it to call, send SMS or browse.

What MTN does is to charge you from the main airtime account and when its N0.00, you wouldn’t be allowed to make calls, send SMS or browse even though you have enough bonus, then the bonus will just expire after seven days(7). Is this not a fraud/Betrayal from MTN because they promised that they will only charge from main balance if the bonus exhausted or expired?

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The worst part of it is that even if you contact MTN customer care service or visits any of their branches, they wouldn’t do anything to refund your airtime.

If you are still using MTN Beta Talk plan, check if MTN is still charging you from the bonus, if not you can consider migrating to another plan.

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If you want to migrate to another plan, search for MTN tariff plans on this blog, but you still prefer to migrate to Beta Talk plan read detail here.

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