Airtel SmartTalk tariff plan is an exciting prepaid plan that allows you to call all networks in Nigeria at the rate of 11k/sec (11 kobo per second). The eleven kobo per second (11k/sec) starts from the very first second of your call, but it attracts a daily access fee of N5. Remember that I have shared with you on this blog about Etisalat Easylife 4.0 which allows you to make all calls at 11k/sec also.

Airtel SmartTalk Migration Code, Calls at 11k/sec and Benefits

How To Migrate To Airtel SmartTalk Plan

To migrate to Airtel SmartTalk plan, just dial *315#, or you can send YES to 315. After successful migration, you will start making calls to your families, friends, and everyone in Nigeria at the rate of 11k/sec all day and all night. Local calls will be at 11k/sec while international calls such as calls to UK, USA, Canada, India, and China will be at 20k/sec.

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How It Works And Benefits

== > Both new and existing Airtel prepaid subscribers are allowed to migrate to this plan.

== > Migration into SmatTalk is completely FREE, but migration from one plan to another within a month attracts a fee of N100.

== > This tariff plan attracts N5 daily access fee at the very first second of your call.

== > You will be charged 11k/sec for all calls across Nigeria while 20k/sec for calls outside Nigeria.

== > If you do not have up to N5 on your airtime balance, you will not be allowed to make any call of the day. So, you must have a minimum of N5 airtime balance before you can make your first call of the day.

NOTE: To migrate dial *315#, or send YES to 315.

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