SIM swap is a procedure introduced for us to retain our phone number even if the SIM is lost, damaged or stolen. Meanwhile SIM swap is mainly know as welcome back because that is what many of us usually call it. If you call it “Welcome back” or “SIM swap”, they are both the same. If you want to do MTN swap, you can read how to do MTN Welcome Back.

Requirements For Airtel Welcome Back

I want to explain clearly requirements needed for Airtel welcome back. These are the important questions you must answer correctly before your Airtel welcome back can be done. The main reason why you should answer these questions correctly is to verify that you are really the owner of the phone number will want to welcome back.

How to do Airtel welcome back

1 == > Name: This is the name used to register the phone number. It will be very difficult to do welcome back for someone who doesn’t know the name he/ she used to register his/her phone number.

2 == > Lost Number: This is the phone number you want to welcome back. It can be damaged, lost or stolen SIM card.

3 == > Date of Birth: This is the date, month and year which you used during the SIM card registration.

4 == > Mother’s Maiden Name : This is the surname of your mother before she got married, but in this case you should provide the one which was used to register the phone number.

5 == > 5 Frequently Called Numbers: This means you should provide at least five (5) phone numbers you always call. You can call it 5 numbers you regularly called.

6 == > Address: This is the residential address used to register the SIM.

7 == > Last Recharge: This is the last amount you recharged on your line.

8 == > Activation Year: This is the year you started using the phone number.

9 == > New Phone Number: This is the new airtel phone number you bought for the welcome back.

10 == > PUK Number: This is the personal unblocking key number written on the new airtel SIM you bought.

11 == > Serial Number: You will see serial number written on the new airtel SIM you just bought.

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Now, if you want to do Airtel welcome back, buy a new Airtel SIM card that is a new prepaid line, make sure that the SIM pack not open. Send the above requirements to Orjiakor Chikadibia on 07062492848 with #400 MTN recharge card as the payment for the Airtel welcome back (SIM SWAP), meanwhile you can connect with him on Facebook via Chikadibia E Orjiakor . It is not compulsory that you should provide all the requirements listed above, but Name and frequently dialled numbers are compulsory.

For further inquiring, you are free to call 07062492848.

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