Airtel Call Me Back Code

Airtel Call me back is a free service which allows you to prompt someone to call you. You can use this service during an emergency, when you have run out of airtime or you do not want to spend your airtime credit calling someone.

Airtel Nigeria introduced call me back to enable you to prompt other Airtel customers to call you during an emergency or when you have run out of airtime. The person you want him/her to call you back will receive a message notifying him/her to call you.

Airtel Call Me Back Code

Benefits Of Airtel Call Me Back

There are lots of benefits by using Airtel call me back service because an emergency can occur and you need to call someone immediately, due to the area you are at that particular time there may not be a recharge card seller around for you to buy card voucher to make a call, so at this point the only option left for you is to make use of this service tom prompt the person to call you because you do not have sufficient airtime balance to make the call.

Airtel Call Me Back Code

To send call me back on Airtel, simply dial *140*Recipient’s Phone Number and press the send button.
e.g.: *140*08021234567
The recipient’s phone number should be an Airtel line because at the time of writing this post you cannot prompt other network numbers.

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