Tips For Choosing Your New Tablet

Out of all devices that were introduced to the tech market in the last decade, a tablet must be the most versatile, since it combines the features of a computer, media player, gaming console, and, often, a mobile phone. With the endless variety of tablets represented in stores today, it’s no wonder that buyers often get frustrated while trying to find their ideal tablet. Find out how to make the right choice when shopping for your new tablet!


How Will You Use It?

All tablet buyers can be divided into two groups: some want a tablet for one or several specific purposes, while others are only looking for a more portable and modern device to replace their desktop PC or laptop. There is also a small category of shoppers who plan to use their tablets together with a computer. The category you fall into is the factor that will influence your choice the most.


For example, if you’re looking for a device mainly for browsing the web and viewing media files, you will be happy with just any cheap tablet, while buyers are searching for a device that can run heavy office apps should look for a more expensive model.

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Choose The Operating System For You

The OS your future tablet will run determines your comfort and satisfaction from using the device. There are three main operating systems for tablets: Android, iOS, and Windows. The choice of an operating system means not only choosing a specific set of features and visual characteristics but, more importantly, apps. Many of the apps available for iOS are not offered for Android, and vice versa. If you’re already used to running a particular OS on other devices, switching to an entirely new one may turn out to be disappointing.

Tips For Choosing Your New Tablet 1

Compare Features Of Tablet

After you’ve decided which OS you want your new tablet to run, it’s time to narrow down your choices even more by deciding which features you want it to have. Start with connectivity: will the standard Wi-Fi connection be enough for you, or do you also want the device to be 3G-enabled? Then look for the right storage space, which can range from 16GB all the way up to 128GB and even more. Plus, many tablets can have their storage expanded with the help of memory cards.


Battery life is another feature that you should pay attention to. And, of course, look for the right screen size for your needs: some users are perfectly happy with 7”, while others won’t settle for less than 12”.

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