MTN XtraPro Migration Code, 11k/sec and Benefits

XtraPro is a tariff plan in MTN Nigeria network. MTN XtraPro is a prepaid tariff plan introduced by MTN that allows you to make all calls at a FLAT rate of 11kobo/sec to all networks in Nigeria after a daily access fee of N5. Always remember that MTN XtraPro tariff plan attracts a daily fee of N5.

MTN XtraPro: Migration Code, Tariff Rates, 11k/sec and Benefits

So MTN will always deduct N5 from your airtime balance every day as the daily access fee. Meanwhile, if you don’t have up to N5 in your credit balance, then your calls will be charged at a flat rate of 20kobo/sec until MTN deducts the N5 daily fee then your calls will return to 11kobo/sec. You can read our previous posts about MTN zone, MTN BetaTalk tariff plans but today I want to share with you things you need to know about MTN XtraPro tariff plan.

MTN XtraPro Migration Code, 11k/sec and Benefits

When you migrate to MTN XtraPro tariff plan, MTN will deduct N5 daily access fee immediately, and this will enable you to enjoy all calls to local networks at a flat rate of 11kobo/sec throughout that day.

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If you do not have up to N5 on your airtime balance that means MTN will not deduct the N5 daily access fee, in this case, all your calls to Nigerian networks will be at 20kobo/sec. However, if you recharge your account, MTN will deduct the N5 daily access fee immediately and then your calls will be at 11k/sec to all networks in Nigeria.

On the following days ahead, MTN will always deduct the N5 l always deduct the N5 daily fee from your airtime balance before you can make calls at 11kobo/sec to all networks in Nigeria but if you fails to pay the daily access fee your calls to all local networks will be at 20k/sec.

To migrate to MTN XtraPro, just dial *401# or send 401 to 131.

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