How To Stop Spam Text Messages On Mobile Phone

Spam text messages are generally unacceptable and its mainly unwanted advertisements sent by companies or individuals as texts to mobile phone numbers. These unwanted messages generates disturbances especially when someone will be expecting a useful message, the worst part of it is that most of them are always useless messages with the aim to deceive or defraud the receiver. This is why I want to share with you how to stop spam text messages on your cell phone.

The spammer’s aim of sending its useless messages is to get your personal information so that they can sell it to someone else or still make use of it by themselves. I still remember the day I got a text message that I have won huge amount of money that I should call them to claim it immediately.

How to Stop Spam Text Messages on Cell Phone

Spam text message is on high increase worldwide and it has generated a lot of problems, this is one of the reason it’s no longer wise to share your phone number on social networks, just give your number to those you know very well.

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Ways To Stop Spam Text Messages on Phone

There are some steps you can take to stop spam text messages, I will share with you two best method to prevent this.
1 => Message Setting: You can do this on your phone by following the instruction below, just copy those numbers you want to block.

== > Open your menu
== > Go to messaging,
== > Click on the option or message settings
== > Scroll down and look for “Spam message settings”
== > You will see many options in the spam settings which includes Register numbers as spam, Register phrase as spam and Block unknown send.

 Register Number As Spam: Register numbers which will be blocked when they send you a message. Here you should enter all the numbers which you do not want to receive message from, any message send to you from these numbers, the message will be automatically blocked.

 Register Phrase As Spam: Register phrases that will cause messages to be blocked. These are words you regard as spam words, any message that contains those words/phrase will be automatically blocked as spam message.

 Block Unknown Send: If you activate this option, it will block messages from unknown sender. I prefer you leave this option to avoid blocking an important messages someone you doesn’t know may send to you but you can activate this if you doesn’t want to receive messages from people you do not know.

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2 => Anti SMS Bomber: This is an android app that allows you to prevent repeated message from the sender. Then download Anti SMS Bomber its totally free.

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