Stackify A Monitoring Solution For Microsoft Azure

One should be aware of that the Microsoft Azure has the enormous benefits. It will happen when comes to the features, usage and more. Thus the Microsoft Azure will survive with the great things when it is ready for the monitoring process of the services, applications and the cloud infrastructure as well. Thus monitoring service is mainly handled by the tool to monitor the apps. For those people who are all looking for the cloud, monitoring could refer this article to know further.

Essential tool to monitor

The major process of the Azure is handling the monitoring tools. But one must know that all the tools will not support the Azure for monitoring purpose. For the information, there is a particular monitoring tool is mainly support the Azure is Stackify Retrace. Thus the Stackify primarily provides the capabilities of alerting. Moreover, the user can select the metric from the given options that are tracked by the monitor as well.

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In what way Stackify retrace differs from others?

When comes to the performance, the team with developers requires the access code if they want to deploy to the device. Thus the retrace helps to improve continuously the performance of app which is providing by the developers. Also, it is mainly connected to the prefix as well and then works in the process of closing the loops of the application.
The logs are easily forward through the configuration with the changes to logging frameworks. The popular logging frameworks are Syslog, Application logs, Web server and Windows Events. When compares to the new relic, the retrace does the exceptional process. It automatically helps to collect all the exceptions and offers great features and robust reporting.

Stackify A Monitoring Solution For Microsoft Azure

Stackify Tool

Thus the Stackify has the two games changing and the code performance products where the developers won’t survive without using these products. They are Retrace and Prefix. It is mainly developed for the developers for monitoring purpose. Thus the deep code level is mostly performed and combined with the application errors, bugs, and app metrics as well. For more information, you can also check out this link to know more about the tool Retrace.

Features of Stackify Retrace On Microsoft Azure

Thus the Stackify retrace has the great features to perform very well for the monitoring. This monitoring tool is highly using by the developers as well. Some of the important features of the Stackify are
1. It is an Application Performance Management.
2. Thus the code level is mainly insight with the logs and inline errors.
3. It also acts like a DB monitoring.
4. It is focusing on Log management and Contextual error.
5. The process is Application performance management.

How Stackify retrace works On Microsoft Azure

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The retrace is mainly collecting the errors that are worked in various ways. By using APM with profile code, you can collect the exceptions from the Java or.NET without changing the code. It also accepts all the errors that are mainly directly from the code through the libraries of logging. On the other side, thus the application metrics are accessible from the number of sources and helps to view all of them from the long distance has been a problem for a long time. For the information, thus the retrace is mainly solving the problem by offering an application monitoring.

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