The cost of data plan is still very expensive in Nigeria, so friends and family can subscribe to one plan and then share it among themselves. If your data gets exhausted or expired, you can ask your friends, family member or loved ones to share their data bundle with you.

share data bundle plan

After reading this post, you will learn how you can easily share data bundle plan with your friends, family and loved ones. If you are a married man with two or more children, it will be more expensive for you to buy different data plans for yourself, wife and children. So for this reason you can subscribe to one data plan and share it with your wife and children, instead of subscribing to four or more plans. Anyone you share data bundle plan with will get notified through SMS and can access the internet immediately.

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How To Share Data Bundle Plan On Glo

If you want to share data bundle plan with your friends, family and loved ones, simply follow the procedure below.

== > To add someone, dial *127*01*friend’s number# or send “Share (friend’s number) to 127.

Example: dial *127*01*0805*******# or send “Share 0805*******” to 127 without the quotes.

How To Remove Number From Data Sharing

== > If you want to stop sharing your data with someone, dial *127*02*friend’s number# or text “Remove (friend’s number)” to 127 without the quotes.

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