Facebook has become the largest social network media, where you can connect with different people across the world. You can now call it a marketplace, where you can promote, share and sell your goods and services. Many people are losing their accounts to unknown individuals every day due to their reckless or use of weak password. In this article, I want to share with you tips you can use to keep your Facebook account safe.

How To Secure Facebook Account

Things You Should Do To Protect Your Facebook Account

== > Use Strong Password: using a secure password for your Facebook account will make it very hard for anyone to guess or detect your password. Do not use your name, nickname, friends, relatives or family names as your family because these names will be easy for anyone to guess. Mix your password with alphabets, numbers and symbols, this will help to strengthen it.

How To Create a Strong Password

i. Alphabets include letters both lower and upper case (small and capital letters).
ii. Use numbers, example 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.
iii. Use symbols, example #! @ & % $ £ ? .
Now your password will look like coMeAnD20#!$&. Click on log me out from all devices after changing your password.

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== > Phone Number Add and verify your phone number, this is one of the easiest ways that will help you recover your Facebook account and change login password also.

== > Login Alerts: This is crucial because it will always notify you whenever someone login to your FB account.

== > Login Approval: If this is enabled, a security code will be required before anyone can login to your account, Facebook will send the security code to your phone number or email address.

== > App: Beware of the type of apps you approve on your account because certain apps can auto post pornographies on your timeline without you knowing.

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== > Trusted Friends: You should add trusted friends on your account. They will help you regain access or recover your password quickly. The minimum number of friends to add is 3 (three), so you should add people most closely to you such as family members, relatives or loved ones.

How Do I Get Started

How To Keep Facebook Account Secure

Now, if you want to make use of the tutorial above, follow the steps below.

== > Login to Facebook.com.

== > Go to settings.

== > Click on security.

Then edit the ones you wish to change.

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