Now You Can Buy Fuel At N86.5/ltr Without Stress

Wow…. what an amazing discovery!

A help is finally here.

Our consciousness is fully awoken to the plight of Nigerians who queue up under the sun in their quest for fuel just to keep their businesses alive. We see it as our obligation, at, to bring a permanent solutions to all fuel issues.

fuel scarcity,nawhere

With the introduction of, the days of suffering and helplessly moving from one place to another in search of fuel or any other petroleum products are over.

In Nigeria today, it seems to be our tradition to go from one filling station to another waiting to buy diesel, kerosene,fuel and so on, but with, you don’t need to waste your time again.

fuel scarcity

No more wasting of time at filling stations. No more paying two-times the pump price to get some litres of fuel from the black marketers because they refused to reveal to you the very filling stations that are selling at the moment. No more wearing that frustrated look that surges when one drives out to buy 20 litres of fuel and returns hours later with no success, but rather discovers that he has exhausted the 10 litres he had in his tank before driving out. So disheartening!

These and more are fuel-related challenges staring the beloved people of this country right in the face.

Well, says a big “NO MORE” to this negativity. Nigerians can now take relieving breath because the long awaited solution has, indeed, arrived. You can now save money, time and energy courtesy of

We are resolved to proffer satisfying solutions to these problems. And this, we have done by creating this awesome portal through which you can:

1. Spot the locations of all the filling stations around you and identify with those who have fuel and are selling.

So before leaving your home to buy fuel, you already know exactly where to do so.

2. Can simply log on to and search filling stations by name, location or logo, should you have preference for the services of a particular filling station.

3. Can weigh the distance of the respective filling stations against the prices of their products and then make a choice based on your findings.

4. Can avert the dangers of buying adulterated products as users of this portal are given the opportunity to report any abuse or make recommendations, attributed to a given station and these will be on display for all to see and judge from.

The official launch date for is May 9, 2016, and you can get access to the site and download the app on your mobile devices. While we are still waiting for the official launch of this site, you are free to visit and enter your email and name to be notified once it is launched.

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