Let The Music Play! Time To Buy An MP3 Player

From physics, music can be defined as a combination of some waves and frequencies transmitted through space, or something like that. This is probably the first time when I am happy that I am not good at physics. It gives a chance to believe at least in some magic. Sometimes one song can completely change our mood, bring back memories, and recreate some familiar feelings. A good song in the morning will help you through the day. A playlist in the headphones will become a soundtrack to your walk down the city streets and help to make everyday routine a little bit brighter. All you need is the headphones and an MP3 Player.

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MP3 technology

This small electronic device, also called Digital Audio Player, is one of the kinds of portable media players, which can play audio files. Though MP3 is a common name, this device is much more than that. Even the simplest players can read several different music formats, though MP3 is one of the most common ones.

Jiji, mp3 player, music, afrielect, mp3

MP3 technology comes from Germany. Thirty years ago, one company started a research program devoted to coding music with the high quality and low bit rate sampling. Although producing a device for playing it failed, developers took one more attempt several years later, on American market this time. That’s the short story of revolutionary technology and device, which changed our lives forever!

Types of players

There are four main kinds of MP3 players, each available in numerous variations. Players are usually distinguished according to what type of technology they use to store and play tracks.
Flash Memory Players are pocket devices with files stored on internal memory. They have no removable parts and are perfect for exercising.

Hard Drive and Mini hard Drive Players can read audio files from hard drives. It means they have much higher capacities and sometimes can store thousands of tracks. The most famous among them is Apple’s iPod. However, additional multimedia features consume more power, and sometimes battery works not as long as you would wish. These devices have removable parts, but there is also a wide range of accessories available.

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Jiji, mp3 player, music, afrielect, mp3, music player

MP3 CD Players and MiniDisc MP3 Players are used for playing tracks from CDs only. These can be MP3 and other digital files. Such players are larger in size and rarely used today.

The Hybrid Players MP3 is no longer just a stand-alone technology. It is inserted in a wide range of devices and appliances. Does it mean that each and every of them can be considered an MP3? Well, probably yes. However, it is better to get a separate device for listening to music.

How to choose an MP3 player

Those, who think about buying an MP3 player now, choose something functional and portable. It is unlikely that you want to purchase a CD player, so we’ll focus our attention on the hard-drive devices. To find the perfect player, consider the following things.
1. Storage space. The simplest version is 512 Mb device, which can store up to 200 songs, is still on the market. It will be enough for you if you use a player only for exercising. Otherwise, think about how many songs you want to store on your device. And don’t forget that there are many options with memory cards.

Jiji, mp3 player, music, afrielect, mp3, music player

2. Interface. It is better to choose a device, which is easy to operate. No matter how happy you are to get a new device, but if it requires 100% attention to switch a song or change a playlist, you will not be satisfied for a long time.
3. Power supply. The majority of devices work on rechargeable Li-Ion batteries – the most common and the most convenient technology in present days. Just don’t forget that there can be other options, so check out everything before buying.
4. Design. The first thing that comes to mind is portability. Surely, for this is what you buy an MP3 player for – for carrying with you all the time. Most players can easily find place in the pocket of your jeans, but we are not so sure about clothing for training.

Jiji, mp3 player, music, afrielect, mp3, music player

5. Accessories. The first and foremost thing is headphones. Usually, they are included in the kit, but these headphones are rarely of good quality. It is better to make one more investment and get excellent sound. What else may you need? A holder, a charger, a radio transmitter, and an extra battery.
6. Specifications. Look through the list of supported formats, find out whether a device is enabled with Wi-Fi capabilities, Bluetooth, radio transmitter. But first, decide what of these features you need.

Where to buy an MP3 player

Jiji, mp3 player, music, afrielect, mp3, music player

There is one more advice: check out online classifieds before going to a store. There is a perfect place for buying mp3 players on Jiji. It works like a real market, which has changed the domain. Here you can find both new items and used ones, but in a good keep. The selection can impress anyone, as well as the prices. You can start shopping on Jiji at any time and place – a laptop, or a Smartphone is all you need. Maybe it is the time to add more music into your life?

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