Etisalat Unlimited Browsing and Downloading

Etisalat Nigeria recently launched a new internet data plan which is called Pulse PAYG, which is known as pay as you go. This Etisalat Pulse PAYG is an internet data plan which will help all Etisalat subscribers to enjoy unlimited browsing and downloading at a cheaper rate.

Etisalat Pulse PAYG is now one of the best internet data plan in Nigeria at the time of writing this post, because it gives Etisalat subscribers 100% of unlimited internet browsing and downloading at the cost of N15 for 5 minutes. If you opt in for this data plan you will be charged as you browse but the cost is N15 for 5 minutes of browsing or downloading. This plan is the best internet data plan for downloading.

tisalat Unlimited Browsing and Downloading

How to Activate Etisalat Unlimited Browsing and Downloading

To activate Etisalat Pulse PAYG dial *229*5*7#, you will receive a notification from Etisalat welcoming you to PAYG (pay as you go). Your Etisalat Pulse PAYG will start counting once you are connected to the internet, so it is advisable to deactivate it you are not making use of it.

To Deactivate Etisalat Pulse PAYG dial *229*0#, you are free to deactivate any time after making use of it.

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To stop notifications dial *262*2#. This will prevent you from receiving notifications about your Etisalat Pulse PAYG data plan, but it is good to allow notifications so that you will know when your data plan is auto renewed.

Benefits of Etisalat Pulse PAYG

There are many benefits on Etisalat Pulse PAYG data plan which I want to explain to you, but I can only explain those which I knew and then it left for you to discover others if you find this data plan interesting. We should remember that currently 10MB is at the cost of N100; now let us check it like this:
Unlimited browsing and downloading for 5 minutes costs N15, 30 minutes costs N90, 1 hour costs N180 and then 2 hours will cost N360.

From the above information, you will notice that if you are in an area where there is a good Etisalat Network service you will download large files which can be up to 2GB, 3GB or 4GB with a little amount of money.

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NOTE: This plan automatically renews itself after 5 minutes once you are connected, so to deactivate just dial *229*0#

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