2Go chat is a great community now because it contains millions of users. It is a place where you can meet people from different areas, environment and countries, you can share your pictures, upload files and do many social activities. the purpose am writing this article is because many of us are finding it very difficult nowadays to open 2go chat account, so I decide to write full procedure on how anyone can open 2go chat account easily without having experiencing any difficulty .

How To Create / Open 2Go Chat Account

The major reason why many of us find it very difficult to create or open 2go chat account is because of many updates done on 2go, due to these updates it’s no longer possible to sign up for 2go chat account from their official website.

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Steps To open 2go Account

To sign up or open 2go account, go to www.2go.im and you will be redirected to page where you will download the latest version 2go application which will be compatible with your mobile phone because before you can now sign up for 2go chat account you should first download the app to your phone or device.

= > After downloading the 2go app, Launch it and you will see an option for you to sign up as a new user.

= > Then select your country, example Nigeria, Kenya, south Africa or any country you prefer and press continue.

= > Enter your phone number which has not been used to open a 2go chat account. If the phone number you entered is already used to create 2go account, a new page will appear showing that the phone you entered is already registered. You can recover the 2go password if it’s lost or forgotten.

open 2go chat account

= > Enter your first name, last name and choose your 2go username.

= > If there are still other required information such as your gender, birthday, location, school or work. Fill them correctly, press continue and then submit.

Your username is the name you can use to login to your 2go chat account. Your friends can use your phone number and your username to connect with you on 2go.

You can add be on your 2go chat account with this username ‘chikadibia15’, without the quotes.

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