How To Buy Airtime From Your FirstBank Account

FirstBank PLC is one of the leading banks in Nigeria, established in 1894. Due to improvements in Nigerian banking sector, FirstBank has introduced instant recharge that enables all individual account holders to buy airtime directly from their bank account. It is a great move because you can do it very easy from the comfort of your office, workshop or home. A times, recharge card sellers may not be around; you can use this method to top up your airtime balance. Meanwhile some time ago, I posted how to perform Fidelity instant recharge that you can also read it on how to buy airtime from Fidelity bank account.

How To Buy Airtime From Your FirstBank Account

How To Load Airtime From Your FirstBank Account

This tutorial is for those that have an account on FirstBank, but if you do not yet have an account on FirstBank, just follow the tutorial below to learn how to get started.

== > Just walk into any FirstBank branch nearest to you and open an account with them.

== > Link your most preferred phone number to the account. This phone number is what you will use buy airtime from your account. Any transaction performed on your bank account, which includes deposits or withdraws; you will get the message on this line also.

== > You will get your individual bank account number.

== > Then you should deposit some money into the account.

Now, if you want to buy airtime from your FirstBank account, just dial *894*Amount#.
For example, if you want to buy N1000 airtime dial *894*1000#.
If you wish to purchase airtime of N500, dial *894*500#.

Things You Should Know About FirstBank Instant Recharge

== > The minimum amount you are allowed to recharge N50 and while the maximum daily recharge is N3000. So you cannot use this method to load over N3000 airtime in a day while you cannot recharge less than N50.

== > This service is available across all telecommunication networks.

== > You can only buy airtime from FirstBank with the phone number used to open the account.

Remember, to buy airtime from your FirstBank account, dial *894*Amount#.

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  2. Thanks for taking out your time to publish this piece of knowledge for free.
    I followed your steps but it responded that I’m not provisioned for this service. The response further advised visiting a bank and I don’t have a lot of time to spare for it.
    Can you help me out?

    • Hi Nyakno,

      This is about bank where you save your money, it will be better for you to visit any First Bank branch nearest to you. Any branch can solve the issue for you, it will not take you too much time.

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