Apple Watch wants To Play with iOS in iPhone

Apple Inc is the path founder of Smartphone market via their iPhone models. The Apple Watch is another smart move of Apple which wants to play with iOS. Apple’s chief Tim Cook has recently declared that iWatch is coming to market to rule the market. A non confirmed rumored says that the company will openly sell iPhone-compatible Apple iWatch around the globe. It’s going to become especially convenient to pocket the all-but-confirmed larger iPhone 6.

Short Digest of the Apple Watch

1. Different-sized at starting points
Apple Watch comes in 2 case sizes 38mm and 42mm with Milanese Loop. They measure 38mm tall and slightly bigger at 42mm tall
2. Apple iWatch: Collections and strap designs
6 different and interchangeable straps are available for the Apple Watch such as the Link Bracelet, the Sport Band, the Leather Loop, the Classic Buckle, the Modern Buckle and the Milanese Loop.
3. Processor and Sensors
Apple Watch is custom-designed with chip named S1 and four super-durable sapphire lenses on the back of the device to control GPS, WiFi, physical movement and data collection
4. Battery Charging
Inductive battery charging features which has no alignment or exposed contacts necessary with MagSafe technology.
5. Haptic Feedback
The device has a fully new feature named Taptic Engine which provides haptic feedback to users and device owner with help of in-built speaker.
6. Custom software features
The Apple watch has a brand new user interface (UI) for every user as it is better looks like normal watch. There are 11 UI have been come to market.

Apple Watch wants to play with iOS in iPhone

Apple Watch

Technical features of Apple Watch

i. Processor: S1 module
ii. OS: Watch OS (iOS Based)
iii. Display: Flexible Retina display, 38 mm: 1.5 inches, 42mm: 1.65 inches
iv. Other outputs: Taptic Engine (touch), speaker (audio)
v. Dimensions (estimated): 38mm: 38 × 35.8 × 12.6 mm (1.50 × 1.41 × 0.50 in) (17.1 mL), 42mm: 42 × 36.4 × 12.6 mm (1.65 × 1.43 × 0.50 in) (19.3 mL)
vi. Back Ceramic: Screen Sapphire crystal Strengthened Ion-X glass Sapphire crystal
vii. Models: 18 models in market
viii. Cases: 316L stainless steel in Highly Polished or Space Black
ix. Bands: Advanced and improved buckle in various colours such soft pink, brown, and midnight blue and a few more.
x. Stainless Steel: Link Bracelet or Milanese Loop with each device
xi. Fluoroelastomer Plastic: Sport Band in white or black 10 models
xii. Cases: Lightweight anodized 7000 Series aluminum in Silver or Space Gray
xiii. Connector: MagSafe inductive charging
xiv. Connectivity: It carries NFC of Bluetooth 4.0 with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g connectivity.
xv. Sensors: Accelerometer, Heart rate sensor
xvi. Compatibility: iOS 8 running on all latest models such iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

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Apple Watch Release Date and Price

The Apple Watch (iwatch) release date rumors have been all over the place in internet as it highlights the fact which has no outside observer of Apple has the full scoop. Most reports are pointed toward an October launch with a mass production kicking off from the company. The global price may be $250 or $300 as per report from close source of the Apple Inc.

Final Conclusion of the Apple Watch Review

In my view, the Apple Watch is designed to provide the users, the seeking information that can be viewed at a glance or very single seconds. So, Apple has come up with Smart Replies that can be used in conjunction with dictation to allow users to respond to messages for common users friendly device provider. We will surely continuing to update this article as Apple makes further announcements about the Apple Watch in near future.

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