Facebook follow button makes it easy for someone to follow you on Facebook without being your friend. Your Facebook followers will see your Facebook updates on their news feed, and they can comment on your posts, but you will not see their posts unless you follow them back or add them as a Facebook friend.

Putting Facebook follow button on your blog is crucial if you have reached the maximum number of friends you can have on Facebook. Facebook made it compulsory that the maximum friend’s someone can have is 5000 due to reasons are best known to them. So in this situation, if you are a blogger, internet marketer or website owner that needs more friends on your social network, the best option is to add Facebook follow button to your site, it will enable new people to follow you quickly.

How To Get Facebook Follow Button Code

== > Login to Facebook with your email or phone number and password.

== > Click on the gear icon on the top right.

Steps To Add Facebook Follow Button On WordPress Blog

== > Scroll down and click on settings.

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== > locate ‘public posts’ button on the left sidebar.

Steps To Add Facebook Follow Button On WordPress Blog

== > Click on the “Public Posts”.

== > A new page will show up, you will see your Facebook follow code in the box.

Steps To Add Facebook Follow Button On WordPress Blog

== > Now copy the iframe code.

How To Add Facebook Follow Button On WordPress Website

If you are a WordPress blog owner or that you hosted your website on WordPress follow the below instructions.

== > Login to WordPress with your login details.

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== > Now paste the code you copied in any place you want the Facebook to follow button to appear. You can put it on the WordPress sidebar using the text widget.

How To Put Facebook Follow Button On Blogger Blog

== > Firstly, login to your blogger blog with your email address and password.

== > Paste the code inside HTML and place the widget where you prefer.

That’s all.

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